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Headphones are part of my everyday uniform. I can hear some of you thinking “fashion faux pas!” but I have to admit I’m totally at ease with my favourite accessory. Now, if you’re more interested in content than looks, take a glimpse at my playlist:

Disclaimer: yes, it will mostly be about content strategy and how to meet business objectives, content creation process, copywriting, content marketing, etc.

Writers in tech

That’s the amazing thing about podcasts: you’re into UX writing for tech companies or another niche theme? There’s a podcast for it!

And a good one, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Writers in tech, a podcast hosted by Yuval Keshtcher, freelance product designer & founder of the UX Writing Hub.

In the episode below for example, he interviewed Vicki Siolos, lead UX writer at Kickstarter, and the result is very enlightening.

"I hope localisation will be the next big thing"

Although I recommend you listen to the whole thing (by clicking above), I particularly nodded my head when Vicki Siolos stressed the weight of local copy when addressing global audience. Couldn’t agree more!

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See you soon for more podcast suggestions in English, unless you understand Spanish? Here are a few more!

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