My name is Loreleï and I am an editorial communications specialist.

That is how I introduce myself to other marketing professionals. When talking to anybody else, including my mother, I’d rather say that “I write and translate copy”. Well, of course, I tell her in French because it is my native language but still, you’ve got it.

To put it short, I can help you make your content fit for the French market:

What content plan should you adopt for France?

There is nothing easy about devising an efficient editorial content strategy for a country you are not living in. Even when you already have a marketing and communications plan for your national market or for Europe, you must adapt it.

I live here in France, among your potential consumers: I hear what they’re talking about on the underground, I know which celebrity they love to hate this season or what news are causing controversy in the media landscape at a given moment.

This detail, along with a thorough audit, is valuable where content creation is concerned, especially when choosing messages, recommending editorial style, suggesting angles and drafting the right editorial calendar.

Count this “native” point of view is key to find your French voice in the communications process.

Make sure the French audience perceives your brand in a way that is cohesive with your corporate identity

Do you find it difficult to manage your content production across various European countries? Indeed, especially if you can’t rely on an onsite team and you don’t have a good command of the language. 

In these contexts, we usually turn to freelance copywriters and translators, but we don’t necessarily have the resources to evaluate what is created in the foreign language:

  • Are we sure that this word is not pejorative?
  • Is the corporate identity conveyed well?
  • Do the written works conform to the company’s style guide?
  • Do they comply with the original tone of voice and brand standards?
  • Do they provide the same, seamless experience than to all of your other readers in Europe?
  • Etc., etc.

So, make the job easier and delegate it to an editorial director for France:

  • Who masters French language and its culture,
  • Proficient enough in English to understand the nuances in source texts
  • With extensive experience working in the communications field across Europe
  • Who oversees your content is consistent with your marketing communications strategy
  • Who hones her writing and editing skills daily… like me!

Fuel your content marketing strategy

Theoretically, inbound marketing makes your job easier: less effort, more leads, what could go wrong? Well, with hindsight, I’d say a lot when it comes to keeping up with the content marketing plan derived from this approach:

Neglect experience

With the digital world becoming more mature, user experience (UX) is at the centre of the conversation. This focus on what your prospect searches/understands/feels/does, and the tools associated can improve your content marketing and content management dramatically. At every stage of your sales cycle.

Regarding the aspect of emotions, remember we also live them IRL, often more intensely. No matter how varied digital formats are (corporate or ecommerce websites, posts for blogs, intranets, social media, newsletters, eBooks, case studies, infographics, online press releases, etc.), sometimes a good old printed catalogue, flyer, brochure or magazine is your best chance at a memorable interaction.

Underestimate how significant quality is

Contents have different goals: raise brand awareness, establish trust, demonstrate expertise, generate visits on a website, disclose information, convert a suspect into a lead, influence the buying decision, etc.

Besides my knowledge of social codes such as orthotypography, I use brand journalism techniques for you to benefit from unique, thorough and valuable copy: story ideas that encourage interactivity to build strong relationships and support both your communications strategy and your marketing efforts. Your target audiences will thank you for that, so will the search engines.

Forget about French contents SEO

International web content implies multilingual search engine optimisation. It means a specific semantic work on your digital media for France with distinct keywords, tags, meta descriptions, etc.

Contenido en francés

Support your global growth with local content

Why invest in creating new digital content when you already have some just waiting to be translated in French (using Google Translate)? You’re right, sometimes, marketing translation is the most efficient way to address your French target audience.

However, in some cases, you may consider other options: localisation goes beyond words and includes a cultural perspective. When a creative dimension is also required, we talk of transcreation.

para su marca

As I wrote it above, I’m a communications and content specialist but I can also act as:

  • Your external content strategist for France
  • Your editor-in-chief regarding French copy
  • Or simply the person you call when you need a French-speaking comms professional to take a look at your brand’s digital or print media 😉

You want more?